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The Alternative Board

  • Franchise Fee: $44,000
  • Royalty: 20% gross annual revenue from TAB Opportunity; red
  • Cash Investment: $70,000
  • Total Investment: $46,604 - $94,629
  • Founded: 1990
  • Franchised: 1996

About Us

The Alternative Board (TAB) is the world's largest franchise system providing peer advisory boards and coaching services to business leaders of privately-owned businesses.

The Alternative Board 01

Consistent Monthly Income: TAB franchisees benefit from the significant, consistent monthly income TAB's business model provides. As a TAB franchisee, your main revenue stream will come in the form of monthly membership dues from peer advisory board participants. The average length of TAB membership is 3.31 years, with many of our members being a part of the community for 10+ years! TAB franchisees also earn revenue through business assessment fees, additional private coaching sessions and consulting opportunities in their specific area of expertise. 50% of our franchisees report earnings of $90,000+ in annual revenue from their core TAB services (membership dues, business assessment fees and coaching fees) and the majority of our franchisees report additional income from consulting opportunities directly linked to the TAB opportunity.

Exclusive Territory: TAB provides all our franchisees with a protected territory and exclusive marketing rights. This allows our franchisees to operate their businesses without having to worry about competing with other TAB businesses. It also fosters a cooperative culture among our franchisee community. Our franchisees are a great resource for support and helping each other with their own business challenges and opportunities. Territories are also scalable, with multiple growth strategies currently being successfully implemented within the system.

The Alternative Board 02

Prestige & Prominence: One of the main benefits TAB facilitator/coaches enjoy is that they do not have to reinvent themselves. Our franchisees have 7+ years of experience as business consultants, senior-level executives and/or business owners. They are able to leverage these years of experience to build a profitable business wherein they enjoy consistent monthly income and the peace of mind that comes with achieving their desired work/life balance. TAB franchisees also enjoy the prestige and prominence of being recognized business leaders in their local communities.

What's Involved

A Day in the Life – Peer Advisory Boards & Private Coaching Sessions

TAB franchisees form and facilitate peer advisory boards comprised of 7 to 10 local, non-competing business leaders. Each month, members meet for a half-day board meeting to share their business expertise, solve business challenges, and help each other seize new opportunities to achieve greater productivity, profitability and success. Because board members bring their own issues, practical experience and advice to each board meeting, TAB franchisees do not have to have in-depth knowledge about every aspect of their members' businesses.

The Alternative Board 03

Each month, TAB facilitator/coaches meet with their members individually. Coaching sessions involve the use of business diagnostic tools, including TAB's proprietary Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL) and TAB Business Vantage® assessments, which make strategic planning effective for privately owned businesses. The member and coach discuss, among other things, how each member's business is progressing by comparing actual versus projected results together. They evaluate the tactics needed to make the projected results happen.

Training and Support

TAB franchisees enjoy the benefits of the support of a full corporate team that is dedicated to helping our franchisees succeed in business. Franchisees receive six days of initial TAB facilitator/coach certification training before the launch of their business. TAB Corporate also provides full marketing support services and up to 16 days of Field Support Training during the launch phase of each franchisee's business. Franchisees are also assigned a personal business coach to help with ongoing coaching and support for their local TAB business.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for candidates who have several years of consulting, business ownership, or senior-level executive experience and enjoy using their business knowledge to help other business leaders. Candidates must also possess excellent communication skills, self-confidence and be committed to business development.

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