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  • Franchise Fee: $0
  • Royalty: 30% of revenue
  • Cash Investment: $30,000
  • Total Investment: $30,000 - $30,000
  • Founded: 2007
  • Franchised: 2009

The future is now, with an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of a media revolution like no-one has seen before. As the newspaper generation ages, the younger generation is failing to follow in their footsteps; creating a paradigm shift in the newspaper business from Print to Online. The Internet is simply a more efficient mechanism for delivering information. Print newspapers are slowly going out of business, and unfortunately for them the solution is not their online presence. There is no scale to any of them, and when their printing presses cease to operate, they WILL disappear along with their websites. Newspaper advertisers are seeking alternatives to reach the new generation of consumers, yet they have no real alternatives to reach them in their local markets until now. YourNews is the ultimate turnkey solution, providing the most progressive and brilliant platform ever created.

YourNews is an ideal opportunity for the entrepreneur aspiring to be at the forefront of an extraordinary media revolution and IS the future of media.

  • Home Based
  • Few Employees
  • Recession Resistant
  • Emerging Market
  • Alternative Method of Advertising
  • Replacement for Print Newspapers (which are becoming extinct)
  • Easily Accessible to Consumers In Real Time
  • Great Income Potential

YourNews is licensing LOCAL TERRITORIES to qualified individuals, partners, factions, or businesses that possess the determination and dynamism to be YOURNEWS PUBLISHERS.

Once the decision is reached to become a Publisher, a Territory is chosen, and is based on the Publisher’s territorial relevance, as well as his or her aptitude, credentials and penchant towards location. The Territory is then acquired. The price of the territory is based on population at .30 cents per head. It is the responsibility of the Local Publishers to work their local markets, just as a traditional publisher would: aggregating local content, driving local readership and then selling local, regional and in selected circumstances, national advertising to sustain it. The number of businesses within a territory determines its revenue potential. The objective of the Publisher is to cultivate his or her territory, propelling it from a zero revenue base to a flourishing marketplace, attaining the maximum amount of revenue that is capable of being engendered out of that market. The Publisher collects a sizable 70% royalty from those revenues, making this an exceptionally advantageous and lucrative opportunity.

As time moves forward, and newspapers one by one begin to vanish, the value of these territories will become allegorically priceless.


YourNews Franchise Opportunity

Established: 2007
First Unit Licensed: 2009
Franchised Units: 22
Company Owned Units: 0
States Registered In: All non-registration states. All registration states will be considered. If interest, will register.

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