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The Patch Boys

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000
  • Royalty: 7%
  • Cash Investment: $30,000
  • Total Investment: $42,500 - $66,000
  • Founded: 2008
  • Franchised: 2015


When you join the Patch Boys family, you will instantly become a part of an energetic and entrepreneurial community that works together to advance the brand, coupled with the most dynamic structure in the field. There are many opportunities to join a franchise chain, but none of them has a structure like The Patch Boys! You will join a family-oriented group of professionals with a proven record of success, bundled with a professional atmosphere of credibility.

By joining the Patch Boys team, you rapidly position yourself in a unique niche market that is widely needed across the nation. The Patch Boys fills a gap that is not only sought by home owners, but multiple craftsman in the construction field are searching for exactly what weíre doing. Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC professionals, roofers and many more professionals across the nation come onto a job, they fix the leak, they repair the ducts in the wall, they reposition the electrical wires AND THEY LEAVE! They donít have the time or the man power to fix the wall and ceiling holes they just made, and thatís what we are all about.

The Patch Boys is devoted to helping you achieve your dream of independence and is committed to make you a success! We adopted an environment of total professionalism, integrity, customer satisfaction and accountability thus allowing us to excel in our field by quickly becoming the absolute best choice for customers and franchise ownership alike. So, if youíre looking to take the next step and have the ambition of achieving your goals and a dream of ownership, you cannot find a better team of people that have the same vision and will help you along the way one step at a time. Contact us today and find out the benefits and resources we have to offer.

Donít push it off yet again! Join our winning team, secure your familyís future and live life the way it was meant to be!


If you want the independence of owning your own business without the start-up hassles of building your own brand from scratch, opening a Patch Boys franchise is a great opportunity for you.

When you start your construction company with The Patch Boys youíll be using your leadership, customer service and management skills to operate your business, but youíll have our business model, training programs, marketing and technology resources, and support staff on your side.

Opening a Construction franchise is a great investment in your financial future. Owning a construction business with an established business model will put you on the right track to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.

The experience of a veteran franchisor is invaluable. Our construction franchise opportunity includes a network of resources and support, including a proven business model and a helpful support staff. Not to mention, the leadership at our headquarters has unparalleled franchising and construction industry expertise to set you up for success. Our classroom and field training programs reduce your learning curve and make starting your Patch Boys business a breeze.

Youíll own your construction business, but you will never be alone. Youíll have a professional and seasoned support team there when you need it. Additionally, youíll find your franchise peers to be a reliable and ready network of understanding and advice.

Why Us?

When you join The Patch Boys family, youíre not just joining a group of people that are in the same field like you, but rather youíre joining a group of individuals that live and breathe Patch Boys and will do everything they can to make sure that youíre successful in this endeavor.

You will join a team that has a proven system, and a well-structured leadership operation combined with awesome management skills to energize you and drive you to be the best you can be!

The Patch Boys fills a gap in the construction field that is gravely needed and its unique niche will provide you leads from many directions, craftsman, sub-contractors and home owners alike. When joining The patch Boys team, you will automatically receive instant credibility and be exposed to an entire array of people that need our service and trust our approach, thus leading you quickly to a fast start right out of the gate and a bright future to get your name out there in lighting speed.

At The Patch Boys we have implemented our own exclusive professional system that guarantees you success in every aspect of the business. We foster an atmosphere of passionate customer service pooled with an environment of professional and skilled people that have a history of decades in this field and have pin-pointed specific features that will benefit you as an owner and broaden your approval among potential clients and your reputation will be sky-high.


Are you ready to join a winning team? Are you ready to take control of your life and be your own boss? Are you ready to finally take that next step and drop your 9-5 disaster and take advantage of your talent and build your own future?

Well if the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for, contact us today, tell us a bit about yourself, ask us any questions we have not covered yet and take the first step to a new life! A life where you run the show, a life where your hard work builds YOUR future not someone elseís business, a life where you earn money and lots of it, a life that gives you the freedom to spend more time with the things you love the most.

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