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Kitchen Tune-Up

  • Franchise Fee: $72,000
  • Royalty: 2%-7%
  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Total Investment: $94,000 - $129,000
  • Founded: 1985
  • Franchised: 1988

Looking for the Best Franchise for YOU?

Kitchen Tune-Up is the #1 home improvement franchise and has been for 20 years. How does a franchise keep this record year after year? It is the franchise owners. If you want to be part of a system that takes pride in their company and enjoys working together towards a common goal, then Kitchen Tune-Up might be the best franchise for you.

"Our franchises are part of an overall family plan to build something together that can be shared with at least one other generation and possibly more."

John McInnis, Burlington, ON

Is Remodeling experience a must?….NO!

Most Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owners come from professional backgrounds. Sure, lots of them came with a love of do it yourself home projects or at least a strong interest in watching HGTV, but less than 5% actually came from a background in either wood care or remodeling. Whatever your beginning skill set, you will get the training YOU need. Our owners love the quick turn-around of our projects and seeing a project from infancy to completion. There is a lot of satisfaction in transforming a space in someone's home.

"I get an immediate sense of accomplishment. In two to five days we see a transformation of our customers' expectation to customers' satisfaction"

Roy Bertolet, Ormond Beach, FL

So will I be doing the work?

You will be working, but what you will be doing is up to you. If you have always wanted to write your own job description and then change it when you get bored, then you will love a business like ours. The variety of activities will definitely keep you engaged in your business. Some owners try a little of everything while some focus in on what they love the most and spend the majority of their time doing that. Will you be in the field or doing sales? Will you do a little of both? Our model allows flexibility in your day-to-day activities and the training will help you make a plan for your business.

Who is our customer?

There is one thing we know for sure, everyone has a kitchen! We have all heard that kitchen remodeling is one of the best home investments. We also know that people love watching make-over shows and the most popular room to renovate…the kitchen. Put all of these facts together and you get one of the largest customer bases available. But wait, we also have a commercial client program for all of those apartments, restaurants, hotels, churches and more. So really, who isn't our customer? Don't worry, our extensive marketing training will cover all of the basics like where to generate leads, which ads to use, how to work a home show and more. Our franchise system is always modifying with the trends. You can find us on all of the popular social networking sites and we lead the pack with the newest products available to our customers.

What makes us so special?

Not only do we have an approachable, friendly name but we also follow that through with a promise to customers using 8 Trustpoints that set us apart from everyone else in the industry. We know the frustration that most people feel when hiring a contractor or starting a project in their home. We specialize in creating an "experience" for our clients. This experience is so different, so special that customers can't wait to tell people about us. The referrals and repeat business is truly amazing and we know that we have set the bar high! Our original "Tune-up" process was the first of its kind that used patented process and products to rejuvenate wood cabinets and surfaces. We are also the only company to offer 4 separate services for the kitchen/bath at a variety of price points.

Sum it up…why Kitchen Tune-Up?

  1. We are unique and are looking for unique people to spread the news
  2. High gross profit margins…looking for 30-80%?
  3. Low initial investment…we keep it affordable so you can have your dream
  4. Flexibility of time…when you start your day and finish it. Vacations..you decide.
  5. You are a NAME not a number. We know our owners very well and work to support each one to reach their goals through coaching and training
  6. Ready to go…finish training on Friday, start your business Monday morning
  7. Make a living while making your customer's dreams come true

"I was tired of looking out the office window on a sunny day knowing that I had to stay in the office until 5pm. The best part of Kitchen Tune-Up is the friendliness of the Home office, the relevance of services offered, the profit margins and the friendliness of the other owners."

Paul Demerjian Stoneham, MA

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