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Catalyft Success System, Inc.

  • Franchise Fee: $35,000
  • Royalty: NA
  • Cash Investment: $0
  • Total Investment: $35,000 - $35,000
  • Founded: 2015
  • Franchised: NA

Are you looking for a Business Opportunity?  

Consider becoming a Certified Catalyft® Coach.

Catalyft® offers a Business Coaching Certification Program that includes a proven business model and powerful financial model. Men & women across the US are getting certified with Catalyft® to build a coaching business or expand an existing business, working with entrepreneurs to experience extraordinary success in business & life.  

The Catalyft® training program offers extensive hands-on training and support, and a turn key system to attract new clients, develop recurring income, maximize the lifetime value of a client, all while having the freedom to set your own schedule.

If you or someone you know is looking for a change, a chance to use your giftedness to impact the world, we invite you to consider attending our complimentary Catalyft® Success System Intro Workshop to learn more. 

Experience Catalyft® and find out if this is the Business Opportunity you've been waiting for – Catalyft® Success Model.


What do 26 million Entrepreneurs in the U.S. have in common? They...

  • Are Creative, Energetic, Visionaries
  • Develop opportunities to make the world a better place
  • Crave Freedom – Time, Money, Possibilities
  • Follow Passions & Purpose
  • Seek Extraordinary Success in Business & Life

What challenges do Entrepreners face?

  • Many Entrepreneurs lack Clarity
  • Feeling alone – nobody to bounce ideas off of
  • Working “in” their business, not “on” their business
  • Are not fully achieving the goals they had hoped for
  • Are working more hours with limited results
  • Needing a safe place to share ideas and struggles
  • Don’t know what they don’t know


The Catalyft® Success System is a revolutionary Coaching platform that provides Entrepreneurswith a proven model for building extraordinary success in business AND in life.

The company provides Catalyft® partners with a comprehensive "turn key" business solutionthat's accompanied by full service training and mentorshipfrom both the company foundersand other members of the Catalfyt® community. 

Our Catalyft® partners get real world training that teaches them how tobuild a Catalfyt® business in the area of small business coaching and consulting using our powerful proprietary model. You have the ability to create financial security through a recurring revenue modelwhile working as little as 10-12 days per month. 

Catalyft® Peer Advisory Boards - Our Peer Advisory Boards offer entrepreneurs a mastermind group using the powerful, proprietary Pinnacle Success System™ as its foundation. Each board engages in and encourages leadership training, mentoring, business development, and business management that creates a close, trusted community of respected peers who get to know one another very well, understand one another’s opportunities and challenges, and become powerful sources of counsel and wisdom.

Coaching for Success - Our process takes an inside - out approach. While we coach about specific ‘nuts and bolts’ issues, experience has shown that the most powerful outcomes occur when we help entrepreneurs identify hidden obstacles and limitations, greatly expand their awareness about what is possible, and then help them to transform possibilities into success in their businesses and lives. 

Strategy Intensives - Business owners come to us at all stages of business development and we customize the Strategy Intensive to help their business move to the next level. 

  • As the first step in the Strategy Intensive process, we provide a thought-provoking questionnaire that helps clearly identify where their business is currently and shows the areas that need the most focus based on their goals.
  • We then hold a prep session to review the questionnaire, clearly establish their goals for the session, and then set an agenda. We then meet for the 1- or 2-day Strategy Intensive and continue to adapt the session to maximize outcomes.
  • The end result is that entrepreneurs leave the session with a high degree of clarity about their business model, future goals, and direction. Fuzzy vision, vague goals, and distracting uncertainty disappear.
  • Typically there are several breakthrough experiences in which entrepreneurs gain new awareness and insights that lead to exciting new possibilities. The outcome is more potential for their businesses and a clear focus and direction on how to achieve this new potential. 
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