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WaterStation® Technology (WST)

  • Franchise Fee: $0
  • Royalty: $0
  • Cash Investment: $40,000
  • Total Investment: $40,000 - $850,000
  • Founded: 2013
  • Franchised: N/A

Market Opportunity in the Vending Industry
Welcome to the largest “all-cash” business in the world – the booming, $42 Billion Dollar Vending Industry! New convenient innovations like RedBox® continue to propel this remarkable industry to new heights. In fact, every minute, over $79,000 is put in vending machines in the United States alone. That’s a whopping $115 Million Dollars per day! Isn’t it about time you get your share by becoming a WaterStation® Technology Vending Distributor?

Plastic Water Bottle Vending Machines and their impact on our Environment and Health
One of the most obvious impacts of plastic bottles is what happens after the water has been consumed.
Plastic water bottles are the fastest growing form of municipal solid waste in the United States. With our water purification products being Bottle Free, we are helping you show your customers that you are environmentally conscious and are taking decisive steps to GO GREEN.
Despite recycling infrastructure that exists in order to facilitate the recycling of these bottles, according to the Container Recycling Institute, 86% of plastic water bottles used in the US become garbage that ends up in landfills throughout the country. Considering that approximately 60 million plastic water bottles are used every day in the US, we can assume that nearly 18,834,000,000 end up in the landfill each year. Each bottle can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

Health Hazards:
This is where plastic bottles take a bit of a hit. Many studies show that polycarbonate plastic, a type of plastic used in many household and food products, gradually leaches a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) into foods and liquids that are stored in containers made from this material.
According to healthnews.org, the chemical compounds released by these plastics can alter hormones and have other potential human health effects. Animals, including more than 180 species, of which have been documented to ingest plastic debris, are also affected by the chemicals and can be permanently injured or die as a result of the poison.

WaterStation® Technology Heightened Eco-Awareness
With our proprietary water purification products being Totally Bottle Free, we are helping you show your customers that you are environmentally conscious and are taking decisive steps to GO GREEN.

Current heightened awareness and press concerning environmental pollution issues and health concerns of bottled water, as well as the actual cost per gallon for companies with larger workforces are driving many employers to look at alternative methods of water purification and water filtration. Also, the landfill and recycling issues/costs bring important concerns for communities.

Keep in mind that with YOUR Eco-friendly, GREEN WaterStation® Technology business model you bring three important benefits to the community and end user customers:
1.  WST’s “bottle-less” design eliminates plastic bottle pollution, environmental concerns and costs for recycling of plastic bottles
2.  Documents have been written about the safety concerns of using plastic water bottles; plastic tends to disintegrate day by day and higher temperature speeds up its reaction, causing toxic chemicals to release into our food & water.
3.  Studies reveal that Chemicals like: BPA & Phthalates are linked to many health issues like hormonal imbalance, obesity, cancers etc.

How WaterStation® Technology is different
We stand at the forefront of water purification and filtration technology. We at WaterStation® Technologies have in our hands a truly watershed technology that is not only potentially more lucrative than the bottled water industry, but considerably more ecologically responsible and sound. Our water vending machine combines the FIVE most advanced and significant water treatment technologies in existence:

  • Reverse Osmosis – membrane allows pure water to pass through the tiny pores while blocking contaminants
  • Ultraviolet Purification (UV) – light rays sterilize harmful microbes and biological contaminants
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) – attracts negatively charged contaminant ions to positively charged activated carbon. Excellent at removing chlorine
  • Carbon Block Filters -absorbs thousands of known chemicals
  • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Water Filters – breaks down contaminants on a molecular level and removes heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others

The Product
There are numerous advantages to being involved in the vending machine business. The icing on the cake is that it is possible to reap those benefits quickly. Vending machines are a convenience for customers, especially vending machines that offer variety and accessibility. Credit-card acceptance and healthier food options are helping to keep this business poised for longevity. The use of credit cards actually increases revenues by 15-30%.
Our Water Vending Machines (WaterStations® - portfolio of 12 provide an enormous opportunity for building owners, fitness and health food stores, hotels, municipalities/local government, military, educational schools/colleges and independent companies to provide a valuable service to their customers or the community while making recurring and growing revenue. There are many side benefits too – environmental protection, health and wellness improvements, lower cost of water and increased availability of water. WaterStation® Technology has the largest portfolio of water vending machines on the planet that can be located in over 86 vertical markets:

  • ION-100 SSAA (Single Serve, Alkaline, Ambient)
  • ION-400 SSAC (Single Serve, Alkaline, Chilled)
  • ION-400 BVAA (Bulk Vend, Alkaline, Ambient)
  • M600-SSPC (Single Serve, Pure Water, Chilled)
  • M600-BVPA (Bulk Vend, Pure Water, Ambient)
  • M600-SSAC (Well, Single Serve, Alkaline, Chilled)
  • M600-BVAA (Well, Bulk Vend, Alkaline, Ambient)
  • M600-SSDPC (SeaTap, Desalinization, Single Serve, Pure Water, Chilled)
  • M600-SSDPC (SeaTap, Desalinization, Single Serve, Pure Water, Chilled)
  • M600-SSDAC (SeaTap, Desalinization, Single Serve, Alkaline, Chilled)
  • M600-BVDAA (SeaTap, Desalinization, Bulk Vend, Alkaline, Ambient)
  • Stand-alone, Self-contained Container

Truly innovative engineering design
WaterStation® Technology’s one-of-a-kind design turns local tap water into healthful drinking water:

  • Filters local water into pure drinking water
  • Contaminated or good drinking water into alkaline water at a fraction of the cost of bottled alkaline water
  • Filters sea water into, through our unique filtration system, pure drinking water
  • New benefits to vending machine owners, eliminating:
  • This is not a franchise, it is a business; therefore no
    • Royalty fees
    • Ad fees
    • Territorial restrictions
  • No shelf life of inventory goods, brick and mortar facility, personnel, delivery trucks resulting in an enormous cost savings to the owner
  • Utilizes premises’ water, electricity and small footprint for the machine
  • Business Owner placement of WaterStation® receives a percentage override of the proceeds
  • Credit cards can be used to minimize vandalism and foreign currency exchange challenges
  • No bad checks written
  • No Accounts Receivables to collect
  • All of our WaterStations® never need to be restocked
  • Easy to manage, no employee costs
  • Monitor each vending machine remotely via the web to reduce operating costs

Introducing the world’s first affordable reverse osmosis alkaline ionizer
Introducing the first affordable Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier with built-in Alkaline Mineral Ionizer: ION-100. The ION-100 is not just an ionizer. It is a complete purification system that installs easily into any home or office to produce soft, silky water that has to be tasted to be believed! Drinking alkaline ionized water can produce tremendous results in your activity levels, mental alertness, and long term health. The price for this unique system is a fraction of the cost of similar systems. The ION-100’s innovative one-of-a-kind portable, battery operated system can be marketed through a very competitive Distributor or Agent licensing agreement

Standalone Desalinization High-Volume, Self-contained Packaged System
When the natural weather effects damages locations that will impact the access to water, this self-contained, designed container is an excellent emergency support system to obtain pure drinking water. This system includes a 400KW generator to produce electricity so that system is independent. The 1,000,000 liter-per-day (can be tailored designed in specific volumes of liter per day) producing machine needs some direct access to sea water. Direct access is best, but sea water can be delivered by tanker if direct access is not possible.
The investment for the tailored packaged plant is self-contained in a 40 foot container. It only requires:

  • Concrete pad to sit on, it sits easily in a building but can sit outside
  • A fuel tank to feed the generator
  • Piping to the sea supply
  • Somewhere to distribute the fresh water to sources
  • Containers can be designed to allow a helicopter fly-in to desolated locations that cannot be accessed to by road to meet the water needs of the communities. This container could be used in areas where decontaminated non-sea water is present where the water supply is undrinkable.
  • Brings new agricultural benefits to improve green energy applications

With WST, you can:

  • Build a plan for the future + Be your own boss. . . either part time or full time
  • Help people be healthy + Make profits
  • Strategically locate each WaterStation® to maximize customer usage; if revenues are not performing as expected, WaterStations® can be relocated to other more profitable locations

WST will support you with:

  • Multiple third party funding sources, including
    • Lease – brings investors a low start-up investment cost
    • Debt Financing
    • Rental plans
    • 401 (k) /IRA
    • Flooring plan
    • Special Veteran Funding Plan unmatched by any other funding source for Honorably Discharged Veterans
  • Website/Social Media Turnkey option
    • Your Eco-Health friendly contributions to the community
    • Educational benefits of Alkaline water
    • Shared Profit Sharing opportunities with community target business locations
  • LASI Turnkey Option
    • Find your business locations and sign Profit Sharing Agreements, site preparation, installs and calibrates each WaterStation®
  • Traditional marketing support documents
  • Dealership option to private label the WaterStations®
  • TV and video card option to sell advertisement and educate the consumer on the health beneficial effects of alkaline water
    • Advertising dollars lower operational costs plus education video enhances more customers to increase bottom line revenues

Location, Access-marketing, Site-preparation & Installation (LASI) Turnkey Program– (optional):
This optional service takes the concern out of an investor’s decision process of not knowing where to locate, preparing the site preparation properly, installation and calibration of delivered WaterStations®. This option requires a minimum of five ION-400 or M600 WaterStations, combined.

We are uniquely positioned to provide our industry upstarts and existing investors with the technology, tools, and services they need through a unique, optional turnkey program:

  • We assist clients to focus on target markets tailored to each WaterStation® model in our portfolio (identified by priority) through our WaterStation® Technology LASI Turnkey Questionnaire
  • Upon priority identifications of business location selections by client, using our LASI Turnkey Questionnaire, WST Marketing team member(s) physically calls on identified business locations (identified from the Questionnaire) to promote placement advantages and signs three year, non-compete agreement
  • Upon signing agreement, the WST service support team prepares sites for WaterStations®
  • When WaterStations® are ready for shipment to business locations, the identified WST service support team installs and calibrates each WaterStation® business location

Key Differentiators:

  • A truly watershed technology that is not only potentially more lucrative than the bottled water industry, but is ecologically responsible and sound
  •  At a price point well below other commercial grade equipment, and much more lucrative than current revenue share opportunities, the WaterStation® Technology unique Station design is the solution for you not offered by any other similar service; in other words. . . NO COMPETITION
  •  Provides online functionality, via remote monitoring, which significantly reduces operating costs because service personnel only need to visit the machine on site when an actual need arises
  •  Our WaterStations® combines the FIVE most advanced and significant water treatment technologies in existence
  •  With WaterStation® Technology, we provide a Point-of-Use WaterStation® solution which allows WST owners to provide unlimited, chilled, single-serve water to your customer employees at no cost to them, and only pennies per gallon for the WST owner; plus, the owner shares in the revenue
  •  Our Lease/Buyout Program allows WST investors to provide Commercial Grade purified water with minimal upfront fees and a low monthly cost and small usage fees. . . all resulting in a strong ROI
  •  WST partners now have a clear water purification alternative to not only providing crisp, safe, and great tasting water to your employees, but by providing an Eco-Friendly ”Bottle Free” solution, and saving money at the same time
  •  Standalone Desalinization High-Volume, Self-contained Packaged System to provide emergency drinking water at desolated areas throughout the world
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