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A Right Place For Seniors

  • Franchise Fee: $37,500
  • Royalty: 8%
  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Total Investment: $56,225 - $107,875
  • Founded: 2012
  • Franchised: 2014

Industry Growth is Huge

People over the age of 65 tend to require assistance because of the natural decline of physical and mental capabilities.

The Bureau For Labor Statistics projects that the growth of industries related to the care of the elderly will occur at a rate of 70% between 2010 and 2020.

U.S. Senior Care Services/The Industry

The U.S. “Elder Care” service industry was a $249B segment of our economy in 2012 and projected to grow 5.2% per year through 2016 to $319.5B. Skilled nursing facilities are the largest segment of the market, but home health care services and assisted living facilities will see the most rapid growth.

Industry services are comprised of these types: skilled nursing care facilities, home health care services, social services, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities and by provider – for-profit, non-profit. All these services are paid through Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and out-of-pocket.

A Message from Our CEO

When you invest in A Right Place for Seniors franchise, you’ll receive a turn-key operation based on our proven “best practices,” complete with extensive training, national marketing, technology solutions and corporate support. Our low start-up costs, no equipment or inventory requirements, and no medical/healthcare experience requirements will save you significant time and money in establishing your own, fulfilling and rewarding business in the senior healthcare services industry.

A Right Place For Seniors franchise requires no prior medical or healthcare training or experience – only the desire to help others and build your own business is needed. With our comprehensive web platform technology, it is simple to manage and operate your business with a computer and phone. Because no trained care service employees and medical equipment is needed to provide our services, you have the flexibility to establish and grow your business with a low overhead – doing all the work yourself and adding evaluation and placement service employees when and if needed.

homecareAmericans are living longer and the population of people age 65 and older are already providing incredible opportunities for evaluation and placement services – 40.2 million in the U.S. today. By 2040, this number will double to over 80 million, ensuring decades of demand and growth consistency for all senior care service providers.

A Right Place For Seniors franchise is one of a relatively few businesses that allow entrepreneurs to take control of their future, build independence, and achieve a higher calling that only caring and compassionate service to others can provide. To paraphrase a famous credit card slogan: “Getting paid to help find the right location, situation and care services for Seniors. Cool. Eliminating worry and providing peace of mind. Priceless.”

About Our Franchise

A Right Place For Seniors franchise business is based on:

  • Assembling and having a comprehensive understanding of all the viable options for senior living alternatives, care service options, and resources available to seniors and their families in the areas we serve.
  • Our ability to position and promote our brand through web, community outreach, events and marketing to our prospective clients and to building partnerships with those providing facilities, services and resources.
  • Defining our services as provided with care, compassion and always free of charge to our clients and to compensation from referral fees generated upon placement – across multiple revenue streams.
  • Not requiring medical or healthcare training and certifications to operate, or trained care service employees and medical equipment, reducing costs and increasing profit potential.
  • Initial training to get the business up and running and continuing education to ensure our franchisees are current with healthcare laws, trends, and policies so they provide evaluation and placement services with confidence.

How Our Franchise Territories Are Based

A typical franchise territory is a population totaling 250,000 people assigned by zip codes based from a franchisee’s business address with opportunities to purchase additional contiguous 100,000 populations. Depending on location and population density, the territory may be more than one city or less than one city.

To ensure our core values remain intact throughout our franchise system, we will carefully select our franchise locations and partners.

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